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Immigration Screening Services

Global Screening Examiners verify Employee, Employer and Student sensitive data and relevant documents to maintain safety with regulatory compliance. We protect your immigration programs with comprehensive identification method to verify identity theft risks and help you to uncover red flags carefully with professional analytic approach.

Why overseas Immigration Screening important?
Immigration screening and background checks provide comprehensive eligibility procedure to ensure security and determine red flags. Global Screening Examiners verify employer, employee and students foreign interest eligibility, right to work, verify applicant’s interview, sensitive data, criminal record, background screening to make enhance decision.

We can process your immigration screening for regulatory requirements to check complete background history with authentic process to provide international regulatory searches, criminal background check, pre employment screening and document verifications. You can choose following regulatory checks to empower your immigration decision with reliable resources.

Employer Verification
For overseas business plan, mostly employer claim involve in false documentation such as fake financial statement and professional experience. Global Screening Examiners conduct comprehensive employers background verifications that help you to maintain compliance.

We assist you to provide complete inspection with enhance corporate screening to know employer integrity with authentic and cost-effective procedure to reduce maximum risks. We verify employers claim and overseas business plan eligibility with complete corporate screening, past work experience, criminal record and disability to comply with the employer verification requirements. You may choose the following regulatory check to verify employer eligibility for overseas business plan.

Pre-Employment Eligibility
Global Screening Examiners help to verify pre-employment eligibility to work by conducting applicable best practice enhance screening and verification for authorization of recruitment process. We provide complete pre-employment eligibility support to verify professional qualification, nationality identification, and previous work experience and other relevant sensitive data to protect your recruitment program with confidence and expose red flags.

Employment authorization is the first priority of every organization to protect reputation of business and reduce litigation cost. We conduct enhance KYE (Known Your Employee) Due Diligence for permanent or project basis staffing in which person may be eligible to work.

The accurate employment background screening and verification solution provide you assurance at workplace and help to expend workforce globally. There are many complex issue make your decision turn up accept bad hiring, Global Screening Examiners offer comprehensive employment background screening solution to reduce bad hiring cost secure your recruitment process.

Overseas Student Verifications
Global Screening Examiners provide student eligibility verification solution for overseas study to meet the criteria of origin country. We provide student authentication program to protect overseas student plan with complete screening process.

We can help you to provide students academic and professional qualification verification, pre-medical and drug testing, insurance claim verification, national identity and address verification, criminal record and police clearance to secure overseas study program for global students. The following regulatory checks help you to very student eligibility and integrity.

  Key Services
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Past Work Permit Verification
  • National Criminal Record Check
  • Courthouse Searches
  • Professional reference check
  • Proof of Employment
  • Financial Status & Bankruptcy Check
  • Character Reference Checks
  • Medical & Drug Checks
  • Professional and Academic Education
  • Address & Identity Verifications
  • Previous Employment History
  • Executive Resume Testing
  • Professional Employment History
  • Employment Background History
  • Medical Report Examination
  • Personal Background Check
  • Professional Experience
  • Eligibility to Work Assessment
  • Disqualification Check
  • Politically Interest checks
  • Media Searches
  • Professional Body Membership/ License
  • Past Conflicts of Interest
  • Litigation History
  • MVR Licenses Verifications


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