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Trust Values

We offer comprehensive risk consulting services that complete organizational integrity requirement from different segments. We help organizations to protect workplace with enhance employment background screening and verification solutions to maintain recruitment compliance with complete examination. We facilitate globally, organizational screening programs with best practices and guidelines to know employment integrity, competence and accountability. 

Global Screening Examiners continuously strive to meet higher level of customer’s expectation in the international marketplace. We provide independent impartial services to reduce maximum risk with broad monitoring. Our independent vendor services network focus on solutions rather than advice with innovative and independent authority that is committed to the customer’s success.

Vendor Success Factor
Global Screening Examiners keep international vendor standard to manage global employment background screening and verifications. We provide successful vendor services more than 500 industries with comprehensive guideline and compliance. We meet our customer’s expectations with best practice employment screening tools.

Global Screening Examiners having multi risk management expertise with comprehensive risk mitigation approach to meet leading advisory bodies, professional risk consulting committees and other organizations to play key role in every forum with enhance productivity expertise portfolio.

We deliver experience based high level vast range of solutions globally for each assignment with reliability under international quality with consistency. Our experience provide customer confidence and competence take pride in having world’s most valued industry to keep results experience based globally.

Our professional screening team holds more than 20 ATS innovation systems including Oracle and SAP pre-integrated technology for our 1000 international dedicated customers to customized on-demand solutions. 


Why Choose Us

Certified Source

GSE is a global leader and certified source for all size of business to provide most authentic enhance background screening services to protect workplace and give global market confidence.

Assurance Partner

We focus to safeguard the accuracy and completeness with implementing compliance tools to assemble organizational fitness with comprehensive analytical research to discover accurate information that utilizes professional HR policies for organizational security.

Experience Turnover

We have professional local researcher network under experienced management to maintain our customer’s real time on demand results to make quick decision, save time and cost.

why choose us
Any questions regarding our services, Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. please contact us or call at +971-563400351.

Experienced Consultant

We offer 100 professional risk consulting solutions to assist every business with analytical support and complete range of global coverage.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Our commitments deliver outstanding performance to enhance our valued customer's growth and potential network with flexibility.

10 years of experience

Global Screening Examiners offer you complete range of corporate records and company documents verification services to fulfill your due diligence requirements.