Reduce Your Complexity with Quick Verfiy Solutions


Global Screening Examiners web-based screening technology provides our clients a user friendly interface to enable background screening needs with simple way. Our system provides comprehensive advantage to manage your real time employment background inquiries.

Reducing Organizational Workflow with Technology
The Global Screening Examiners help organizations to reduce organizational workflow through web-based technology applications. We supply comprehensive employment background screening and verification services that are most important to reduce enhance risks from the workplace.

System Fact Sheet
This system allows you to manage your employment by online screening reports and order with unlimited capabilities and 24 hours online access by integrated possibility of requests.

This system provides enhance and immediate request statements. Although Global Screening Examiner’s advance web-based online reporting system reduces maximum workflow and 60% extra outsourcing cost with compensation advantages.

Delivering Screening Solutions Worldwide
Global Screening Examiners design E-Check system for especially Small & Mid-Size Business to easily manage pre-employment background screening program with enhance web-based technology integration. E-Check helps you to receive pre-employment screening result worldwide and expend workforce globally.

Global Screening Examiners offer enhance web-based pre-employment background screening solutions for Small & Mid-Size Business with advance technology. E-check help you to customize best practice packages and individual searches, online screening order, manage reports and generate automatic invoicing. E-Check solution provides you with the complete integrated feature that helps to meet the needs of your screening program.
Consumer Benefits
  • Completely user friendly interface
  • Easy, secure web-based application
  • Integrated e-mail system access
  • Fast reporting proceeding
  • Quick billing and invoicing statement
  • On-demand customizable packages
  • Quick alerts for completing reports
  • Real time current tracking status of entire report
  • Easy to access talented people and increase business globally
  • Exceeding clientele expectations
  • View all new, pending orders listing along with status on each order
  • Easy account management setup for billing process
  • Change user profile
  • Export invoices in Excel, PDF, MS word format
  • Print current and former invoices/reports/orders
System Advantages
  • Focus your business environment
  • Reports directly notification
  • Well-organized automation activity
  • Integrated applicants tracking systems
  • All data access with protected password and limited to authorized users only
  • Secure data exchange formation
  • Viable application that fits for every size of organizations
  • Totally web-based data retrieval system
  • No complex set up, no software installation, no any updates required

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