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Vendor Screening

We conduct potential vendor background screening checks to protect business transaction and reduce complexity of vendor selection.

Today’s business competition is very high and every industry expends business globally with local vendors to generate maximum growth rate and lead to provide services and products worldwide. We enable your entry level to executive level vendor screening requirement with best practice compliance to reduce vendor vetting risks.

Global Screening Examiners vendor screening solutions help you to verify vendors claim integrity with complete vendor background checking history to ensure viable corporate integrity. We support organizations to maintain vendor performance with integrity compliance to validate services provider performance and uncover hidden facts.

We screen and verify potential risks and sensitive information such as corporate accountability, criminal records, financial and bankruptcy records, involvement in litigation, liens and judgment internet and local media searches, reputational status to uncover fundamental activities, whereabouts, loan and debtor position, disqualification and other awful activities.
Key Services
  • Reputation Checks
  • Corporate Record Searches
  • Litigation and Disputes Checks
  • General Financial Information (Credit and bankruptcy)
  • Court and Public Record Searches
  • Verify Property ownerships
  • Liabilities and Revenue Statement
  • Directorship and Shareholder Searches
  • Site Physical Visits and Survey
  • Local Media Searches (Local Language and English translation)
  • Professional Memberships Check
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Political Expose Person Check
  • Capital Structure and Qualification
  • Conflict of interest
  • Sanction List Checking

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