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Services of Process

Global Screening Examiners help you to provide legal document process service for legal proceeding of property, family and other legal notifications. There are several complex issues for solicitor to accurately serve documents, especially for overseas defendants, because sometimes defendant totally avoids receiving legal documents.

Our professional legal representatives serve your legal document timely and update with complete feedback. We provide faster document process service assistance to our international solicitors and deliver accurate proof of service with on-demand legal format to help you better and Comply with the applicable country law.

What we Service?
Document Process Service is a legal process to deliver set of court documents or notification to a person that is called (petition, summonses, and complaints) including other court documents.

One copy of legal document is delivered by the agent to the person. The agent provides Affidavit or Proof of Service that the document was accurately served. The process’s service cost is available with jurisdiction.
Key Services
  • Preparation of Legal Document to be served respectfully
  • Notary Public & Commissioner for Oath Authentication
  • Affidavit or Proof of Serve
  • Hague Convention Document Attestation
  • Deliver legal document with individual identification
  • Cost effective process serving
  • Real time delivery and notification
  • Provide accurate proof of serve document

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