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Pre Employment Screening

Global Screening Examiners provide enhance pre-employment background screening solutions to protect workplace through employment examination and testing procedure during recruitment practice that every organization needs to implement employment background screening compliance to expend workforce with confidence.

We deliver cost effective pre-employment background screening services globally including Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East, Latin & South America, and Europe to manage their screening program for satisfactory recruitment program.

Our ambition is to assist global organizations recruitment process with safe and secure method to expend workforce globally. We have industry focused customizable screening process to collaborate your screening requirements easily. We implement national and international compliance standard to conducts pre-employment screening such as Fair Credit Reporting Act, Data Protection and Privacy Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations and applicable laws and regulations to enhance our reporting standard.

Pre-Employment Screening solutions help you to maintain workplace compliance and generate talent for the right post. Pre-Employment hiring decisions is a very sensitive method for an organization and Background Screening practice protects your organization to reduce red flags.
Pre-Employment Screening Services
  • Education Verification
  • Identity & Address Verification
  • Previous Employment History Check
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • Professional Licenses Verifications
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Work Permit Verification
  • Citizenship Verification
  • Workers' Compensation History
  • Professional membership Verification
  • Approved person checks
  • Character reference check
  • Employment Eligibility Assessment
  • Police Clearance check
  • Right to Work Check
  • Employment Gaps Analysis
  • Drug Screening
  • Executive Profile Testing
  • Criminal Background Check
Public Record Searches
  • Bankruptcies (Judgments, Tax Liens Searches)
  • Disqualification searches
  • Directorship searches
  • Sanctions checks
  • Conflicts of Interest check
  • Politically Interest checks
  • Property ownership Checks  
  • International Background History
  • Media Searches
  • MVR, Driving History   
  • Credit History Searches
  • National Theft Database
  • Sex Offender Registry Searches
  • Civil Court Record Searches

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