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Friday, 06 June, 2014

by: GSE, Publications

Pre-employment screening can thus defined as employees’ background investigation/ check conducted by employer before or during the process of hiring employees. Pre-employment screening has been one of the most common and a mandatory routine exercise in every organization during recruitment. The exercise creates a safe and secure workplace and ensures that the organization gets qualified employees to carry required duties and tasks within the organization. This exercise is however technical carry out and may require a company to sub-contract it to a company that is well versed and familiar with the exercise. Globally, Global Screening Examiners (Pvt.) limited is a leading company with the prowess in pre-employment screening. GSE provides pre-employment screening services to global organization in more than 180 countries

Different companies perform different pre-employment screenings services to their clients. The most popular pre-employment screening services carried out by Global Screening Examiners include: Educational verification, identity & address verification, professional credential verification, previous employment history check, professional license verification, work permit, professional reference check, citizenship verification, workers’ compensation history, professional membership verification, approved person checks, character reference check, employment eligibility assessment, police clearance check, right to work check, employment gap analysis, executive resume testing and criminal background check.

Global Screening Examiners does not only focus on screening but also does public record searches. GSE public record searches encompasses disqualification searches, sanction checks, directorship searches, bankruptcies, political interest checks, property ownership checks, media searches, MVR Driving history credit history searches, international background history, national theft database, sex offender registry searches ,civil court record searches and watchlist searches. In the recruitment process conducted by Global Screening Examiners, both the pre-employment screening and public record search are carried out simultaneously so as to increase the chances of getting the best and qualified candidate among the list of numerous applicants.

It is not hard to employ the right employee in an organization via human resource personnel in organizations if an organization sub-contracts Global Screening examiners to recruit employee. This is possible because during pre-employment screening, GSE verifies job seekers information rather than relying on interviews and resumes which are biased. In the recent survey, it has been established that organizations which make use of pre-employment screening are positively impacted than those organization which that does not apply pre-employment in staff recruitment. In this regard, the impacts of pre-employment have had major impacts on organizations in various aspects. An organization that makes use of pre-employment screening accrues the following befits:

Recruitment of better candidate who will be better employees: Organizations that make use of pre-employment screening services from Global Screening Examiners get access to better candidates who when screened to required finalists become better employees. Having better employees in the organization lead to higher productivity, increased quality and lower employee turnover. The exercise also makes candidates to present themselves honestly and at the same time scaring away those who might have criminal backgrounds.

Reduction in non-violent Employee misconduct in the workplace: Most of the potential non-violent employee misconduct includes theft of assets belonging to a company or customers, drug possession or solicitation, identity theft, fraud and abuse of confidential information. If an organization employs such candidates, it risks deflating employees’ morale, destructs company image and loss of customers for such a company. GSE pre-employment screening thus serves as a basis of identifying candidates with non-violent misconduct thus making the human resource department to avoid employing them. This can be done via employment verification and reference checking.

Reduces risks of negligent hiring litigation: Negligent hiring is a legal theory in which an employer is held accountable for injuries caused by the employees just in case the employer did not take the required care in the employment selection process. In this case, the employer is liable if the employee injures a co-worker, member of general public or a customer. The pre-employment screening reduces the risk of negligent hiring liability via employer’s implementation of reasonable and consistent background checking program part of the recruitment process. Global Screening Examiners has background checking program during recruitment which entails various elements: Consistency with job specifics, reviewing of job applications for gaps in employment, verification of employment and education claims in resumes and applications, documentation of all reference sources and background checks that were performed, consistent and in accordance to the established process and re-conduct an extra search in case of doubt.

Skills and qualification check: Pre- employment screening provided by Global Screening Examiners is a key determinant of applicants’ experience, qualification and skills. This is because GSE ensures that the applicant meets the basic required skills needed for a given task or job before he/she is selected as a finalist in screening. A glowing resume is not a guarantee that the candidate is glowing too; it’s through GSE pre-employment screening that quantifies the communication skills and English comprehension. This gauges for suitability of the applicant to the role. This screening can as well taken form of closed or open questionnaires so as to verify qualification and gauge the applicant’s level of honesty.

Makes the company reputable: A company is as a good as its employees. A company with competent, reliable, honest, trustworthy employees in the eyes of the customers or general public will give itself a good image in the general public. It is through GSE pre-employment screening that such employees are selected for placement. In such a context, if a company does not take due caution during the pre-employment screening then wrong and non-violent employees will be employed. The result will be the jeopardizing the company’s reputation.

Enhances speed and effectiveness: Pre-employment screening quickly eliminates unsuitable candidates who might have applied for a given job; this makes the recruitment process fast and speedy. Through video interviews, candidates may answer questions without the inconvenience of telephone interviews. In this scenario, video interviews are effective and can form a basis of shortlisting candidates who best suit the role. The interviews can as well be viewed at convenient times in the event of difficult choice.

Reduces costs: In the year 2012, the cost of employment were £800 and £300 for director and other employees respectively (According to CIPD). Global Screening Examiners Pre-employment screening tremendously reduces turnover and related costs of hiring employees by making sure that only suitable candidates are hired for a given job. Screening also eliminates misfitting employees in an organization and who may leave voluntarily after sometime or who may be terminated due to poor performance/ misconduct. When pre-employment screening is done at the process of recruitment, such cost of replacing employees will not be incurred.

Reduces CV Frauds: In pursuit to get a certain job, job seeker may make exaggeration on the CV.A common misrepresentation on a CV is lie the reasons for leaving the previous job I attempt to cover up dismissals, highlighting top positions to appear superior or stating that they were employed when in real sense there are no records of being ever employed. Fake certification from fake education institutions is a key fraud on a CV. It is only through pre-employment screening where a thorough check and confirmation is done so as to ascertain the awards claimed on the CV.

Pre-employment screening improves productivity: The process of acquiring employees through screening removes interview bias, ensures selection of hones and efficient employees makes recruitment easier and faster and offers protection from negligent hiring litigation. This in return enhances productivity in the organization because the organization gets what it needs through pre-employment screening.

Access to Global Screening Examiners is of great advantage. First, the GSE process of screening is accurate, affordable with real time information availability globally. Secondly, the entire process of GSE is at best reporting standards. In addition to that, GSE is 24/7 company with operation in180 and above country thus its accessible and trustworthy. Lastly, GSE adheres to comprehensive staffing diagnostic process that is generally accepted.

In conclusion, pre-employment screening is not only a mandatory exercise in every organization but also a key element that determine the workforce and productivity of an organization. To streamline costs and boost product in companies is what gives rise to the need to recruit the right candidate for a given job. If a company hires a candidate who has exaggerated his or her resume, then the company risks incurring unnecessary cost. Pre-employment screening is the only thing that will save the company’s money and time by allowing and the human resource department to hire a candidate who is qualified and suited the role in a given company. Pre-employment screening is therefore important to an organization that is on the process of acquiring employees.

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