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Small Business

The Small businesses are generally based on private corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. There are number of small business standard sizes it depends on the requirements. Mostly small businesses have smaller number of employees 1-49 to 199+ Employees but not limited to. There are different sizes for small business, but the ideal size is more than 100 to less than 200 employees.

We provide the best pre-employment background screening solutions to complete Small Businesses screening scale with lower costs. We have cost effective packages for small business to help you reduce maximum workplace risks by conducting enhance employment background screening with faster and easier process.
Standard Practice
Verify Personal data (National identity card number, residential history)
Driving History Searches (confirm validity and expiry details)
Criminal Record Search (7/10 years felony and misdemeanor record)
International Public Record Searches
Past Employment History Verifications
Education Record Check
Bankruptcy and Credit Reports history
Professional Licenses Checks
Employment eligibility searches

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