Deliver industry focus risk compliance

Industry Overview

Our integrated employment background screening solutions switch every size of businesses. Our commitment and capability make more hiring decisions powerful for your industry. We help you to reduce the complex issues of bad hiring through implanting perspective experience at workplace.

Global Screening Examiners offer specialized Pre-Employment Background Screening Solutions to reduce potential workplace risks with best practice screening compliance. We deliver reasonable screening and verification solutions to maintain and facilitate industry security with enhance assessment strategy.

For healthy workplace, we guard your business by identifying applicant’s complete history with reliable resources. Our professional researchers perform comprehensive searches on national and international body to know your employ’s integrity.

Global Screening Examiners is your screening partner to provide total organizational protection solutions for workplace safety with unique business intelligence processes. We cover small, medium, large, enterprise and other specific fields. The following business scales are set up according to ideal industry’s requirements, there is no limited figure included.

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