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Friday, 06 June, 2014

by: GSE, Publications

Each and every business faces risks. Investors are only willing to invest in areas of low risk though the greater the risk, the greater the potential return of investment. The effect of risks on a business however is dependent on the type of risk itself. It is the endowment of risks at workplace that finds it necessary for an organization to try and minimize such risks before hiring new employees.

The process of reducing risks at the workplace might need some level of expertise to some extent. It is at this regard that an organization finds it necessary to outsource the service of risk management form the risk mitigation team and consultancy like Global Screening Examiners Limited. Consultancy from such firms is of great importance in terms of reducing risks at workplace.

There are quite a number of risks in the organizational workplace to which employees and workers are exposed to while on duty. To begin with, hazardous chemical is a major risk at the work place. It is up on the business to indentify the chemical and find a way to reduce or eliminate their effects on works during time of working. Hazardous manual tasks are other risks that ought to be controlled before hiring employees in any organization. Manual laborers conducting such job at work place are vulnerable to accidents, proper guidance from should be given before a business embarks on employing workers.

Apart from that, slips, trips and falls within an organization are common phenomenon. A business should there develop precautionary measures or else carry corrective measure at high risk are to minimize the impact on employees. In addition, hazardous exposure of a worker while on duty is something that an employer needs to take into consideration. Prior way of handling asbestos should be put in place o as to eliminate possible risks that may emanate from their operation.

The most serious risk is presence of an infections disease at the work place. The disease may originate from existing employee or as a result of pollution effect within the organization. In this case, business ought to get rid of the disease before thinking of hiring new employee. Vagaries of nature like storms and flood can be avoided near workplace. In conjunction to that, bullying, stress and violence should e remove controlled at the workplace through setting the required etiquette and developing metal beneficial relationships.

Identification type risk at the workplace is then followed by choosing the consultancy firm to get services from. Internationally, Global Screening Examiners seem to offer the best services due to their extensive service in line with risks. The crucial services that a business may get from GSE in terms business risk consultancy includes risk of assessment of strategic plan, representation of facets and functions, managing organization risk factor, definition of risks and potential losses, implementation of specific procedures and standards, identification of organizational hazards, scheduling satisfactory survey and corporate risk assessment and maintenance. Up on consultation from the Global Screening Examiners, the organization can now go ahead and look for ways to reduce the risks or eliminate them total before hiring new employees.

There are seven steps that can effective reduce workplace risks. These are what GSE suggests to employers or any organization that makes consultation from GSE. To begin with, GSE require that in order for an organization to reduce the risk, it should commit to risk plans. In order for this initiative to function, the organization must be on board long term.

Secondly, the organization should its existing employees to remember previous injuries/accidents and discuss with them what happened after such incidences. According to GSE, this is carried out monthly to foster an open mindedness among employees. The discussions and remembrance allows emerges to identify problems before they emerge.

The organization should highly encourage its employees to note down/ record hazards and all issues. A documented thing is easier to identify and address. Documentation also makes the occurrence harder to be ignored. In this case, risks will be reduced.

In addition to that, risks should be prioritized in terms of their greatest concern by the use of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control (HIRAC) format. In this context, HIRAC forms are filled out by Human resource through the aid of safety and OHS coordinators and safety representatives.

Apart from HIRAC, the organization should consult the employees about the solutions taken in order to reduce the risks. This consultation gives employees awareness of what they are expected to do in case the problem/risks persist.

In conjunction this, the organization ought to review the solutions monthly and measuring them against the incidents or risks available. Some plans may eliminate or reduce risks at workplace through rethinking.

Moreover, training of new employees is very vital and reduces workplace risks. Training creates awareness in employees who may be able to control hazards and lower risks at workplace. New employees who are untrained and inexperienced are a source of risk. Investments in training and development can greatly project the business both legally and financially.

Implementation of risk control is vital to minimally lower the risks at workplace. Risks can be controlled to minimal levels through six ways. You can first of all eliminate a risk completely from the workplace. This is most effective and is always the first measure before thinking about any other measure. The second way of controlling risks is via substitution. If a high risk at the workplace cannot be eliminated, then consider replacing it with another less hazardous risk.

Isolation of the risky workplace from people controls risks in an organization. In any case, you can adopt engineering controls via adapting on the tools and equipment to minimize the risk. Administrative control that encompasses implementing training programs to new workers is done to reduce on ignorance. He last option that is use of personal protective equipment; this does not eliminate the risk but rather implies that employees are working at a risky work place but protected.

Global Screening Examiners risk assessment is suitable for the 21st centaury organizations. This is because threats that affected organizations are early determined and controlled and removed. Removals of such risks have resulted to more investment. Employees’ welfare has been taken care of in the organization via risk removal before hiring.

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